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Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Tools and Services
Ultra-Sonic In-Line Inspection Tools and Services
  Technology Description:
Remote Field Technology (RFT) explanation
  Papers and Technical Articles:
Addressing the risks of inline inspections of critical pressure mains

A Tale of Two Inspections: Using Condition Assessments to Manage Force Main Assets

ASCE 2014 Paper: What Technologies Work Best on Metallic Pipelines
Discovering Actual Wall thickness on a 12 inch Pipe in BC
Levering Condtion Assessment to Improve Your Asset Management Plan
A Corrosion failure in a lined sour gas pipeline-case study
Calgary Paper on ILI Tools
Non-destructive inspection techniques to determine structural distress indicators in water mains
Use of Remote Feild Testing Tools to evaluate fire suppression piping
EPA Condition Assessment of Ferrous Water Transmission and Dist Systems
UCT Paper
Paper co-author with Thames Water Utilities UK
Paper co-author with Australian Water Organizations
Paper presented at Montreal on 1995
RFT Technique for assessing Lined O&G pipelines, 2014
Brief Procedure to prepare a force main for SeeSnake Inspection
Leveraging Condition Assement to Improve Your Asset Management Program
PICA featured in Potash Magazine, 2016


Overview of PICA services:

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