Introducing the PICA Recon+ (Acoustic Sphere) Powered By INGU

At PICA Corp, we are proud to offer our clients access to leading pipeline inspection technologies from the most trusted names in the industry. From high-end equipment produced by our sister company, Russell NDE Systems, to top brands like INGU Solutions, PICA Corp is dedicated to offering the best solutions when it comes to the inspection of water mains, waste water lines, and raw water, fire water, cooling water, and slurry pipelines. Learn more about one of our newest innovations, the Recon+ Screening technology, below.

Do You Know The Value Of Regularly Inspecting Your Water Mains?

Do You Know The Value Of Regularly Inspecting Your Water Mains?

Are your water mains at risk for corrosion failure? Each year, main breaks cause millions of dollars of damage to property, roadways, and residences. Regular inspection of your mains helps ensure that your pipes are in serviceable condition and free from risk of failure that leads to costly repairs. At PICA Corp, we’re proud to be a leading provider of inspection services for customers all over the globe. Read on to learn more about detection of corrosion and deterioration, including one of the Edmonton Region’s major culprits, tuberculation, below.

Large Diameter Pipes: What Causes Failure And How Inspection Can Help

How to avoid failures of large water pipes

As one of the most prevalent forms of water transportation worldwide, large diameter pipes play a crucial role in maintaining infrastructure systems that supply millions of residents with access to clean water, as well as facilitate the safe transport of raw and wastewater materials. This means that should a leak or failure occur, the damage and disruption caused may impact countless end-users. In fact, main breaks can result in costly emergency repairs, transportation shut down, property damage, and other extensive issues. Understanding the causes of failures in large diameter pipes, as well as having a dedicated inspection plan can help you avoid such complications. Learn more about both topics below.