Roy Brander Joins the Pica Team as Advisor to the Board
Friday, March 18, 2016

Roy Brander Joins the Pica Team as Advisor to the Board

Roy Brander has recently retired from his career with the City of Calgary and has agreed to be an advisor to the Board of PICA Corp. Roy has degrees in both Civil Engineering and Computer Science and worked with Calgary Water Resources at both water and sewer infrastructure management from 1989 to 2016.  Combining careers as both the I.T. head for Water Resources and later Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, he designed the GIS database and drafting systems used for all three of Calgary's water pipe networks.

As Infrastructure Engineer, he managed the capital programs for corrosion control, including a city-wide map of soil corrosivity tests, and an anode retrofit program that has so far protected 350 kilometres of iron mains, preventing some 1000 main breaks since 1999.

He oversaw Calgary's water mains inspection program that has become the most extensive in the world, some 110 km of mains inspected, and 18,000 corrosion pits detected, sized and monitored.

As construction costs in Alberta skyrocketed during the period of these programs, the capital replacement budget was held to $10,000,000/year for 20 full years (1997 to 2016 inclusive). During the same period the length of mains replacement dropped by 75% (from 20km/yr down to 5km/year), and yearly breaks dropped from 600 to 200. A direct result of being able to manage the mains efficiently through knowing their precise condition.

Roy was an early adopter of PICA technology for mains inspections through hydrant access, and consistently used the technology for management of Calgary's mains management program.  Roy has published papares and given presentations about the program and the savings realized by the City from extending the service life of mains through proactive inspections/anode placement and surgical repairs.

PICA's inspection data was laid over the City's GIS street map and colour coded to show the location of thinned area. This provided a compelling, graphical representation of the condition of the mains inspected that could be overlaid with pipe-type, pipe age, soil resistivity and other factors.

Cities and municipalities who would like to have Roy talk to them about the City of Calgary's mains management program are asked to make an initial inquiry through or call 1-800-661-0127 for further information.