Thursday, February 25, 2016

City of Calgary goes with PICA for eigth straight year!

The City of Calgary, Infrastructure Planning, Water Resources, has used PICA to inspect its potable distribution mains since 2009 and in recent years has expanded this work to include waste water lines at river crossings. In the late 1990's, the City was an early adopter of the technology when PICA was called Hydroscope Inc.

The City Manager of Water Resources until recently was Roy Brander, who is now semi-retired and living in beatiful B.C..  Roy has graciously agreed to consult to the Board of PICA, and to join us on marketing missions occasionally. We are very grateful to Roy and the City of Calgary for their faith in PICA's technology. Roy has published papers on the City's use of RFT ILI Tools in their potable water mains, and has stated that the savings that they derived from using PICA's Tools can be demonstrated to be in the multi-millions of dollars.

We have recently been advised that the City will use PICA again, starting in July 2016, and we will be workinging with Joanna Line and her group again.

Thank you Calgary! We are, as always, delighted to be working with you again!