Monday, March 19, 2018

Waste Water Inspection Experts

Waste Water and Force Main pipeline inspections are an integral part of both daily operations and safety measures for municipalities and townships. Spills from failed pipelines not only run the risk of making locals sick but also causing lasting damage to the native aquatic fauna. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency hands out millions of dollars of fines each year. To avoid complications and hefty payments, having your pipelines regularly inspected is a necessity and a good investment.

A Patented Suite of Tools at Your Disposal

PICA has a diverse selection of RFT (Remote Field Technology) inspection tools to help get an accurate report of the state of your pipelines. Among our most popular items is our line of See Snake Tools.

The See Snake Advantage

Like the name suggests, our “See Snakes” help inspectors see inside your pipelines with ease. They operate using a non-contact, NDT (nondestructive technology) approach. The tools may be tethered or free swimming, and come equipped as fully autonomous robots that have memory, odometers and batteries on board; the design also allows for the SeeSnake to traverse sharp bends and elbows, giving you a complete picture of the pipe from launch to receive. Once the SeeSnake has finished collecting data (a report is prepared through the data analysis process), the information is typically processed off-site the following day to reduce labour costs. If the client is in a hurry for the results, they can be delivered within 48 hours; however, normally reports take several weeks to produce, depending on pipeline length.

Information is Power

With the comprehensive analysis provided by our See Snake’s report, you’ll be able to see both internal and external wall loss that needs to be tended to. Depending on the scale of corrosion or damage, we’ll be able to recommend next steps to prevent any major leaks or breaks from occurring. All of this can be done quickly, give you peace of mind and keeping our environment and residents safe!

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