Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Raw Water Pipeline Inspection: Keeping Your Lines Safe

Pipelines that transport raw or waste water are subject to high risk for corrosion. If left undetected, corrosion can lead to dangerous leaks, costly repairs, and other challenging circumstances for businesses and surrounding communities. Tools like PICA’s See Snake and HydraSnake solutions allow you to safely evaluate the condition of your pipelines and address faults before a major failure occurs. Learn about our industry leading products and services below!

The PICA See Snake

PICA’s line of See Snake tools make the rapid inspection of pipelines for internal and external corrosion pits a breeze. See Snake technology requires no contact with the pipe wall, can measure through scale, wax and non-magnetic liners, and the flexibility of the units means they can easily navigate 90-degree bends. In addition, the See Snakes are rugged, fast, and can even be used to measure localized stress in steel pipelines. Localized stress can be caused by rocks in the ditch, side slope slippage, sinking of anchor blocks and internal pressure, for example.

The PICA HydraSnake

The HydraSnake is a “smart tool” that is introduced to distribution system water lines through hydrants. It measures remaining wall thickness and corrosion defects of cast and ductile iron pipe. As a non-contact tool, it is fast, rugged and sensitive to internal and external flaws. The smaller diameter (2" smaller than the pipe bore), combined with its flexible design allows the tool to negotiate tees and elbows with ease.

Don’t let the stagnation of lake and river water allow your pipes to suffer from under-scale corrosion or Micro-biologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). With over 660,000’ of water mains inspected with PICA’s RFT tools, we can help you evaluate the condition of your pipelines. Learn more about our solutions by contacting our experts today.