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Water industry associations applaud the initiative

News Feature | June 21, 2017

What Could Trump's Infrastructure Plan Mean For Water?

Sara Jerome

By Sara Jerome

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Following months of anticipation among water industry pros, the Trump administration has rolled out its proposal for how to rehabilitate the nation’s infrastructure.

“It arrived as a six-page fact sheet packaged with Trump’s $4.1 trillion proposed 2018 budget. As expected, it laid out a vision for $200 billion in direct federal spending over the next decade on needs such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads and expanded broadband, along with incentives for states, cities and private investors and efforts to reduce the burdens of regulations,” POLITICO reported.

The proposal stressed the urgency of addressing U.S. infrastructure, arguing that the nation has fallen behind other countries in this respect. The White House cited the nation’s water infrastructure as a key example.

The fact sheet argued that “underperformance is evident in many areas, from our congested highways, which costs the country $160 billion annually in lost productivity, to our deteriorating water systems, which experience 240,000 water main breaks annually.”

PICA can help utilities who want to avail themselves of these new funds and use the money wisely.  For water and waste water mains that have not yet failed but are of the same vintage and material type as other mains that have failed, PICA can perform a "direct condition assessment (DCA)".  A comprehensive DCA will tell Asset Managers if there are thinned areas that need to be repaired before a failure happens, or if the main can safely stay in service for years.

Extending the life of assets that are "beyond their design life" is a common practice in the oil, gas, nuclear. aircraft and power plant businesses. Let PICA extend the life of your pipeline assets through condition assessment and surgical repairs.


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