Keep Your Pipeline Inspection In line with INGU Solutions at PICA!
Monday, February 8, 2021

Keep Your Pipeline Inspection In line with INGU Solutions at PICA!

Are you on the hunt for convenient inline pipe inspection tools that make it easy to take stock of the conditions of your lines with minimal disruption to your operations? PICA corp. is proud to partner with INGU to offer the perfect solution for your leak detection needs. Designed to pack big capabilities into a small size, Ingu’s line of Recon+ ("Pipers") technology makes it easier than ever to inspect your lines with confidence. Learn more about inline inspection with PICA below!

Easy to Deploy, Simple and effective Results

At PICA Corp, we understand that the key to successful inspections is employing the use of tools that are as convenient as they are accurate. Small diameter pipelines can cause headaches when it comes to inspection, but thanks to the innovation of Recon+®, many of the headaches once faced are a thing of the past! Designed to be as small as a pool ball while providing five different evaluations, PICA has changed the inspection game drastically, and the demand for Recon+® continues to grow among industry leaders in need of dependable yet affordable inline solutions.

A Perfect Fit

Did you know that one of the most predominant limiting factors when it comes to evaluating pipelines is the cost of inspection when utilizing traditional methods? PICA’s Recon+® solves the problems faced by an estimated 40% of the world’s pipelines by offering a compact and efficient design that is capable of travelling through the pipe’s flow stream with minimal risk of getting stuck or lost. Despite their small size, these tiny sensors pack a heavy punch, providing unbeatable data and results that you can depend on. Key features and specs include:

  • 2.8 inches in diameter
  • Up to 50 bar (775 PSI) pressure resistance
  • 10°C to 60°C (0°F to 140°F) operating temperature
  • 24 hr run time

Optimal Features

  • Acoustic leak detection, magnetic feature identification, high-resolution pressure sensing, as well as an IMU for position and isometry
  • Works in any fluid, compatible with pressures as high as 775psi
  • Recon+® operate continuously for over 24 hours, able to screen pipelines ranging from a few meters to tens of kilometers long
  • Each subsequent run builds on the baseline data for increasingly better insight into pipeline condition and performance

For more information about the Recon+® for inline inspection, as well as PICA Corp’s overall water main services, contact our team today.