Monday, December 12, 2016

Pica Featured in Potash Works Magazine

PICA was featured in Potash Works, a leading trade magazine catering to the Potash industry.  Canada has great reserves of Potash, which is used as the major component of fertilizer.  Potash is also salty, so piping that carries it in solution needs to be protected from corrosion.  Many Potash companies that use a solution process (rather than a traditional mining technique), protect their pipes with cement mortar liners (aka "PreKrete"); however, these can fail if the pipe is dented, or if there is high erosion from the solids in the solution.  Running PICA's in-line inspection tools eliminates the problem of "seeing" through thick liners.  The RFT technique that PICA's Tools use is a non-contact, through-transmission technique that can see through liners up to 1" thick, and can inspect steel lines for corrosion pitting on the ID or OD of the pipe.  If you have pipelines in similar service, please contact PICA to explore how we can help you to keep your pipelines in safe operating condition.  Call 1-800-661-0127 and ask for Dave, Ad or Ankit for more info.