The City of Columbus avoids pipeline failures by using PICA
Friday, September 23, 2016

The City of Columbus avoids pipeline failures by using PICA

This September two PICA technicians traveled to Columbus, Ohio to assist in a Verification Dig on a 12-in Ductile Iron pipeline. PICA initially inspected this pipeline in the fall of 2015 for Brown & Caldwell and the City of Columbus. The inspection found the pipeline to have a few areas of interest that would be good candidates for Verification and potential Replacement. Brown & Caldwell narrowed down the verification candidates to one Bell and Spigot joint near highway I-270.

PICA provided a Verification Dig Sheet to accurately locate the target joint. Environmental Remediation Contractors (ERC) used above ground reference points to identify the proper dig location and began excavating the pipeline along a city sidewalk. Because PICA had identified the presence of multiple through-hole defects in this joint, it was exhumed and replaced with a new piece of ductile iron, polywrapped pipe. The old section was brought above ground where it was lightly cleaned and assessed for accuracy.

PICA was able to successfully locate and confirm 11 defects. These confirmations included accurate axial position, circumferential clock position and defect depth. For more information about this successful verification, please contact PICA at or 800.661.0127.