The Role of Non-Destructive Testing in Identifying Loss of Preload in Pipelines

The Role of Non-Destructive Testing in Identifying Loss of Preload in PCCP-lines

Pipelines serve as lifelines for countless industries, enabling the transportation of vital resources across vast distances. Maintaining the safety and integrity of these pipelines is of the utmost importance. One significant threat that can compromise the integrity of Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes, in particular, is the loss of preload, which refers to the reduction of pressure containing capability of the pipe.

Safeguarding Your Pipelines: The Power of PICA's State-of-the-Art Inspection Tools

Ensuring the integrity and safety of pipelines and water mains is critical for industries and municipalities. Regular and comprehensive inspections are essential for identifying defects and anomalies that could lead to costly failures or catastrophic environmental hazards. 

As a leader in pipeline inspections, PICA Corp. has been at the forefront of water main and pipeline integrity for years. PICA's state-of-the-art inspection tools have earned a reputation for delivering unrivalled accuracy and reliability. Next, we will explore the power of PICA's cutting-edge inspection tools and offer a sneak peek at our newest innovation– the Navigator Mark-2. Continue reading to learn more!

How PICA Corp’s HydraSnake Inspects Your Water Mains

How PICA Corp’s HydraSnake Inspects Your Water Mains

When did you last perform a condition assessment of your distribution water mains? Are you looking to save money by avoiding unnecessary pipeline replacements and leaks? PICA Corp is here to help! At PICA, our team can assist you in identifying the condition of your water mains using state-of-the-art remote field technology(RFT) inspection tools. Next, we’ll discuss one of our water main inspection tools and its benefits. Continue reading to learn more about how PICA can determine the condition of your water mains!

How to prevent sinkholes by using PICA Inspection services

The transportation of drinking water and wastewater is vital for numerous municipalities and industries. Ensuring the pipes that carry that water are in prime condition is critical for the safety of local communities, workers, and businesses. An unexpected pipe failure can spell disaster for your operations. The best way to prevent an unexpected pipeline failure is to perform regular inspections with a trustworthy and reliable provider like PICA Corp. Below, we will discuss why pipeline inspections are critical for your business and the many industries PICA Corp. services. Continue reading to find out more!

PICA See Snake: The Next Generation of Pipeline Inspection Tool

Regular inspection is critical to maintaining any pipeline or piping system in the oil and gas industry. While exterior examinations can identify surface-level corrosion and dents, internal inspections can reveal hidden threats to your pipes and allow you to proactively address pipe distress before it causes failure. However, finding the right tools for in-line pipeline inspection can be challenging. While plenty of tools are available today, very few can give complete, accurate and timely information in the most demanding conditions.