PICA announces partnership with Construction Products Marketing (CPM)

CPM to be part of PICA's growth in the USA.

PICA and CPM have reached agreement on delivery of PICA services in the south west and west coast of the USA.

CPM will work with PICA to deliver a range of PICA Tools and Services in the U.S. market place.  Special services will focus on deployment of PICA’s leak detection sphere (Recon+) and PICA’s wall-thickness scanning array (Bracelet Probe).  For further information or to book a project, contact either of the two companies, or PICA area managers:

  • Kris Embry,, or Cell: (412)-999-4783.  Kris looks after the SE, East coast and west coast states
  • Joe Wells,, or Cell: 724 757-7434, Joe looks after the mid-west states