How to Extend the Life of Wastewater Mains

Do you know when you last had your wastewater pipes inspected? If the answer is no, you could be putting your lines at risk for leaks or bursts. Learn more about the importance of regular assessment of your lines, as well as the tools that PICA recommends for inspection below.

​How to Avoid Municipal Pipeline Failures

Pipeline ruptures and failures can cost businesses and municipalities millions of dollars and cause significant health and safety risks. For lines transporting raw sewage, wastewater, and other hazardous materials that degrade the integrity of pipes over time, regular inspection is the best way to detect any issues before they have a chance to advance. As a leader in the pipeline inspection and analysis industry, PICA Corp uses an extensive range of In-Line Inspection (ILI) Tools to provide clients with accurate condition analysis information. Learn more about our inline inspection devices below.