Why PCCP Pipe Failures are Inexcusable Nowadays

Do you know the overall condition of the pipes within your water transmission network? If you don’t have an active plan in place to inspect your PCCP pipelines, you could be at risk for major failures that lead to significant damage including flooding, repair and clean-up costs, and more. As a leading provider of inline pipe inspections PICA Corp is your first choice for NDE results you can count on. Learn more about the importance of PCCP inspection, as well as why you should partner with PICA, below.

Eddy Current, RFT and Bracelet Probe Training for bare pipe and CUI

The current pandemic has created an opportunity for us to improve the basic skill set of our employees.

Dr. Yu has been providing training in Eddy Current, RFT and Bracelet Probe to our employees and a few of our customers as well.

Customers who attended the training and have Bracelet Probes are:

  • Innovator Industrial based in Edmonton, Alberta, Innovator offer CUI detection using the Russell Bracelet Probe
  • CPM Construction Products Marketing Group provides bare pipe inspection services to customers in the western USA
  • HSIG Based in Los Angeles, HSI Group provides CUI detection services across the USA

If you are worried about CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) or H2S damage in large diameter force mains, call one of these fine NDT companies.