Pica Featured in Potash Works Magazine

PICA was featured in Potash Works, a leading trade magazine catering to the Potash industry.  Canada has great reserves of Potash, which is used as the major component of fertilizer.  Potash is also salty, so piping that carries it in solution needs to be protected from corrosion. 


Causes of PCCP (C301) Pipeline Failure

PCCP (AWWA C301) pipe are widely used for water mains and wastewater lines. There are two types of line that are widely used for water mains and wastewater lines. PCCP pipe consists of an inner core of concrete, a steel cylinder is places around the concrete line, then pre-stressing wires and a mortar coating are layered.


What PICA Learned at WEFTEC

First, he attended the Water Environment Federation (WEFTEC) Conference in New Orleans, LA from September 24-28 and then he attended Western Canada Water (WCW) Conference in Calgary, AB from October 4-7 followed by World Water Tech, North America in Toronto, Ontario, October 18-20.