Large Diameter Pipes: What Causes Failure And How Inspection Can Help

How to avoid failures of large water pipes

As one of the most prevalent forms of water transportation worldwide, large diameter pipes play a crucial role in maintaining infrastructure systems that supply millions of residents with access to clean water, as well as facilitate the safe transport of raw and wastewater materials. This means that should a leak or failure occur, the damage and disruption caused may impact countless end-users. In fact, main breaks can result in costly emergency repairs, transportation shut down, property damage, and other extensive issues. Understanding the causes of failures in large diameter pipes, as well as having a dedicated inspection plan can help you avoid such complications. Learn more about both topics below.


Don’t Turn A Blind Eye To Corrosion: Using The HydraSnake To Spot Early Signs of Damage.

How to determine the condition and serviceability of distribution mains

With water and wastewater pipelines rapidly ageing across North America, the risk of sudden leaks and burst failures are higher than ever. Between 2012 and 2018, pipe breaks saw a 27% increase in occurrence, causing millions of dollars in damage, repair costs, and significant disruption to local communities. Partnering with an experienced analysis team like PICA Corp to perform regular condition assessments of your lines is one of the best ways to stay on top of the health of your pipes, as well as to avoid the headaches and misfortune that come with a sudden failure. Learn more about PICA, as well as our leading HydraSnake tool, below.


Surveying the State of Pipeline Condition Assessment

Do you take a proactive or reactive approach to pipeline assessment? Regularly inspecting the condition of your pipes can mean the difference between catching early signs of damage and costly repairs after a major failure. Learn more about pipeline assessments, including major risks to your line, the costs of forgoing regular inspection, as well as PICA Corp services below.