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Water Main Inspection

Detection of Internal Pitting on Pipes Suspended Under Bridges: Paper Presented at NASTT No-Dig Show

Pipe Condition Assessment     D. Russell, PICA USA Corp.
     Y. Yu, PhD, PICA Corp.
     C. Garrett, PICA USA Corp.

                  Detection of internal pitting on pipes suspended under bridges


Extending the Life of Pipelines with Proactive Direct Condition Assessment and Selective Lining

Pipe Condition Assessment

      D. Russell, President PICA Corp.
      C. Jones, Senior Product Developer, 3M Infrastructure Protection Division
      R. Rogers, Market Development Manager, 3M Infrastructure Protection                             Division

                   Condition Assessment and Rehab: a Holistic Approach 


Condition Assessment of Force Mains

Pipe Condition Assessment      David Russell, President, PICA Corp., Edmonton, AB, Canada
      Y. Yu, PhD, PICA Corp., Edmonton, AB, Canada

        Condition Assessment of Force Mains Using Electromagnetic Through-Transmission Non-Destructive Testing Technique


NDE Techniques for Water and Wastewater Pipe Condition Assessment

Pipe Condition Assessment

Chris Garrett, Manager, USA Operations, PICA Corp., Miami, Florida
Ad Shatat, VP R&D, Russell NDE Systems Inc. Edmonton, AB, Canada

  Trenchless Technologies paper Feb 2012.pdf


Waterline Restoration Based on Condition Assessment

WillWater Main Inspectioniam F. Hartman and Ken Karlson Hydroscope, Inc., USA
Roy Brander, P.Eng. Sr. Infrastructure Engineer City of Calgary

 Calgary Paper on ILI Tools 

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Waste Water Pipeline Inspection


Raw Water, Fire Water, Cooling Water & Slurry Pipelines