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​Municipal mains inspections: PICA inspects all sizes
Monday, January 7, 2019

​Municipal mains inspections: PICA inspects all sizes

PICA Corp. and PICA (USA) Corp. are your best choice when it comes to reliable water main inspections.

As a leader in the pipeline inspection industry, PICA has been performing condition assessments across North America since the early 1990’s. In addition to our inspection work, PICA designs and manufactures in-line inspection tools through our sister company, Russell NDE systems.

Our tools focus around our specialty: electromagnetic technology contained in flexible, self-contained units that allow metal pipelines to be inspected for corrosion, eroded areas, and cracks with ease. Learn more about our devices below.


PICA's SeeSnake Tools are highly flexible, rugged and pressure-sealed Tools that are able to navigate sharp bends with ease. The Tools use non-contact electromagnetic technology to detect internal and external wall loss and other serious flaws. The Tools can be tethered or free-swimming, and are completely autonomous having electronics, detectors, memory, battery, and odometers built-in. Results generated are highly accurate, and are able to detail the severity and location of areas with wall thinning. SeeSnake Tools can inspect pipelines from 3" to 24" diameter.


PICA's SeeSnake-Chimera Tools are built to inspect pipelines 16-inches to 36-inches in diameter. They are a type of smart pig (or "In-Line Inspection Tool) that feature over 200 individual detectors for detailed corrosion mapping They also contain an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which can plot the pitch, yaw and roll as the tool traverses the length of the pipeline. This allows customers to locate bends and elbows in pipelines that may have been laid 100 years ago, where construction records are vague or lost.


The HydraSnake is an extremely flexible SeeSnake unit that can be used to inspect potable water pipelines 6 to 8-inches in diameter. It's design allows it to navigate short radius bends. This tool is inserted through fire hydrants (hence it's model name) and is propelled to distance with pressurised water.


The RAFT (Restricted Access Flexible Tool) model of the SeeSnake family is one of the newest additions to our lineup and is specifically designed to non-destructively assess the steel cylinder within concrete pressure pipes, 36 to 48-inches in diameter. Completely self-contained, the unit has battery power, data storage, and distance tracking all integrated within the tool itself. It is meant to be used in drained and dry pipes, with access through standard manways.


The EMIT (Electromagnetic Inspection Technology) model is another new Tool addition, and is designed to non-destructively assess large diameter pipes (up to 78”). The EMIT’s collapsible design allows technicians to insert sections of the tool through small access locations (manways), which eliminates the need to excavate and cut open the pipe for access. This Tool is also designed to inspect drained and dry pipes, but offers exceptionally high resolution for steel and PCCP pipes.

If your pipelines are in need of inspection, PICA is the company you can trust. Contact us today to learn more.




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