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Discover Ingu Solutions Pipers® with PICA
Friday, May 24, 2019

Discover Ingu Solutions Pipers® with PICA

The Ingu Pipers: Small Solutions, Big Impact

At PICA Corp, we are proud to be affiliated with manufacturers and distributors of leading pipeline inspection technology. From our sister company Russell NDE to fellow industry innovators like Ingu Solutions, PICA Corp remains dedicated to offering our customers access to the best options on the market. Learn more below.

The Perfect Fit For Water Infrastructure Inspection

PICA Corp is pleased to offer Ingu Solutions’ line of Pipers®, an affordable and easy to deploy screening tool used to identify risks and performance issues in pipelines. Launched in 2018, and developed in Canada, Pipers® are truly a groundbreaking technology that continue to push pipeline inspection development forward.

What Are Pipers®?

Ingu Solutions’ Pipers® are miniaturized (roughly the size of a golf ball) sensors that can be placed inside a pipe and let flow with the product stream. The small stature of the sensors means that there are no diameter or flow constraints. Why is this important? An estimated 40 percent of the world’s pipelines are too difficult or expensive to inspect using traditional methods. Ingu’s Pipers® offer a cost-effective solution that provides comprehensive and reliable data.

Specs and Features

Specifications and features for the Pipers® are as follows:


  • 2.2 inches in diameter
  • Up to 100 bar (1,450 PSI) pressure resistance
  • -20°C to 60°C (0°F to 140°F) operating temperature
  • 24 hr run time

Advanced Features

  • Acoustic leak detection, magnetic feature identification, high resolution pressure and temperature sensing, as well as an IMU for position and isometry
  • Works in any fluid, compatible with pressures as high as 1,450psi
  • Pipers® operate continuously for over 24 hours, able to screen pipelines ranging from a few meters to hundreds of kilometres long
  • Each subsequent run builds on the baseline for increasingly better insight into pipeline condition and performance

For more information about the Ingu Solutions Pipers®, as well as PICA Corp’s services, contact our team today.




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