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PICA Corp: Your Leader For Pipeline Inspection Technology And More
Wednesday, May 13, 2020

PICA Corp: Your Leader For Pipeline Inspection Technology And More

When it comes to pipeline inspection results that deliver accuracy and overcome the many challenges faced in the field, innovation and expertise are irreplaceable. At PICA Corp, we understand the value of using groundbreaking techniques and technology to guarantee unbeatable performance that our clients can count on, no matter the size or scale of their pipeline systems. From utilizing high-end proprietary equipment manufactured by our sister company, Russell NDE Systems, to partnering with fellow inspection leaders like INGU Solutions and Dacon, PICA Corp is dedicated to offering our customers unparalleled access to exceptional inspection resources.

Learn more about one of our newest additions to PICA’s in-field tools, the Recon+ Screening technology, below.

Perfect For Water Infrastructure Inspection

Developed right here in Canada, PICA Corp is excited to expand our offerings in North America to include the groundbreaking Recon+ In-Line technology (powered by INGU). As a one of a kind solution, the Recon+ serves as an affordable, easy to deploy screening tool that rapidly and accurately identifies risk and performance issues in operating pipelines. This small-diameter sphere is packed with new advanced sensing technologies and can travel freely with product flow through most pipelines for convenience. Multiple runs can be conducted to deliver additional information, all of which combines together for an exceptionally accurate depiction of the current state of your line’s well-being. 

More About The Recon+

PICA’s Recon+ Inline tools utilize Ingu Solutions’ innovative Pipers® technology and are shaped in the form of small, billiard ball sized spherical sensors. The size of these sensors allows them to easily be deployed into any pipe and passed through with the usual product stream with less risk of any delays due to debris or the device itself getting stuck. Recon+ inline tools are effective and low-cost compared to traditional inspection methods. Ideal applications include:

  • 3” to 78” water or wastewater mains
  • Lines that can’t be taken out of service
  • Non-piggable pipelines
  • Long pipeline lengths (up to 19 km [12 mi] in one day)
  • Deeply trenched pipelines
  • New pipeline baselining

Specifications and features for Recon+ In-Line Inspection Technology include:

  • 2.3 inches in diameter
  • Up to 48 bar (725 PSI) pressure resistance
  • -20°C to 60°C (0°F to 140°F) operating temperature
  • 24 hr run time
  • Chemically inert and safe for potable water mains

Advanced Features

  • Acoustic leak detection, magnetic feature identification, high-resolution pressure and temperature sensing, as well as an IMU for position and isometry
  • Works in any fluid; at pressures up to 725psi
  • Operates continuously for over 24 hours and is able to screen pipelines ranging from a few tens of meters to tens of kms long
  • Built-in magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, acoustic sensor, pressure sensor, and temperature sensor.
  • Each subsequent run builds on the previous for increasingly better insight into pipeline condition and performance

Partner With PICA


Since the early 1990’s PICA Corp has established itself as an industry leader in non-destructive pipeline evaluation. With a focus on delivering exceptional results using the latest technology and methods available, our team is proud to partner with you to help discover any existing issue before disaster strikes.

For more information about the Recon+ In-Line Inspection Tool, as well as PICA Corp’s services, contact our team today.


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