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Time-Saving Water Line Inspection with INGU Pipers
Monday, June 13, 2022

Time-Saving Water Line Inspection with INGU Pipers

Across all industries and sectors, water pipeline inspection remains a significant challenge for owners and operators. In addition to challenges posed by interrupting water service to conduct testing, approximately 40% of water pipelines are difficult to inspect due to small diameter pipes, internal deposits, and other obstacles. As a result, corrosion, leaks, gas pockets, deposits, and other issues often remain undetected, ultimately resulting in unexpected downtime and costly emergency repairs.

Proper maintenance and inspection procedures can save millions in repairs and downtime from municipalities and natural parks to firewater systems, power plants, and other industrial applications. Modern NDT technology has made it more cost-effective than ever to conduct in-line inspections for water and wastewater mains. INGU's Piper products deliver high-accuracy assessments and industry-leading capabilities with minimal disruption to active water lines. Read on to learn more about INGU Pipers, as well as how PICA Corp provides world-class NDT solutions for water systems around the world.

Rapid Inspections, No Disruptions

As noted above, the two main challenges in water line inspection are service disruption and finding the right tool for the job. The ideal inspection tool would be compact enough to navigate varying-diameter pipes, elbows, valves and other structural obstacles in a live water main.

INGU Pipers are specifically designed and engineered to address these challenges, putting much of the complex technology of larger In-Line Inspection Tools into a compact unit capable of operating in an active line. INGU Pipers allow operations to maintain 100% uptime while conducting thorough, accurate multi-sensor surveys at the line's regular flow rate.

Key specifications include:

  • 2.8" diameter, making Pipers suitable for nearly any line.
  • Up to 50 bar (775 PSI) pressure rating.
  • 10°C-60°C (0°F-140°F) operating temperature range.
  • 24 hr battery runtime.
  • NSF-61 certified for potable water mains.
  • Ideal for condition assessment, leak detection, pressure sensing and deposit location, magnetic feature detection, and IMU for position and isometry.
  • Can be operated by your own personnel or one of PICA's experienced technicians.

NDT Solutions with PICA Corp

Good decisions start with good information. PICA Corp strives to provide North American water pipeline operators with the tools and inspection expertise to manage their operations confidently. Through our proprietary technology and partnerships with Alberta innovators like INGU, we're ready to equip your operation with comprehensive solutions to any pipeline inspection challenge.

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