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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sewage Line Ruptures: All in a Day's Work for PICA

Sewage line ruptures are inconvenient, messy, and cost a great deal of money to clean up. Sewage pipeline failures can also endanger the health of people and wildlife who live near the spill. They can also contaminate soil and drinking water sources. The unfortunate fact is that sewage line failures happen every day all over North America.

  • In Myrtle Beach, SC. 50,000 gallons of untreated sewage spilled out of a 20" pipeline into a drainage ditch because of the failure of an air release valve.
  • A sewage spill in Ft. Lauderdale, FL had utility crews working through the night when a failure in a 20" sewage pipeline left people in a foot of water contaminated with waste.
  • The world famous Waikiki Beach in Hawaii had to be shut down due to a pipeline rupture. This impacted the recreational use of 6.4 km of the waterfront area.

These are just small examples of the damage that sewage line failures can cause. We believe these incidents are preventable with the expertise of a professional water main and pipeline inspection company. Inspecting these lines is all in a day's work for PICA Corp. We have developed our expertise by working on sewage pipeline analysis projects such as these.

Project #1: 

Sewer Lines in the City of Hong Kong

  • Date of Project: July, 2015
  • Scope of the Project: PICA was hired to inspect two parallel "sister" sewage lines in the City of Hong Kong. We sent two employees to work with employees of the local company to inspect 350 m of each 14" diameter line. Some of the lines were underneath a river canal known as a "Nullah". The company that hired us for the inspection is now conducting verification digs to repair defects in the pipeline based on the report that PICA provided after the analysis of the line.
  • What Technology Did PICA Utilize?: PICA used its 14" See Snake tool to inspect the lines and the data it collected was interpreted using our in-house software, AdeptPro.

Project #2: 

Sewer Lines in Gull Lake, MI

  • Date of Project: November, 2014
  • Scope of the Project: PICA was selected to perform an inspection on 30 km of ductile iron force main for the Sewer and Water Authority of Gull Lake. Before the inspection commenced, the PICA team discovered a huge build up of struvite in the line and our team took care of it by cleaning the lines thoroughly. The running of the Tool and Tool tracking went without a hitch. This was a long pipeline and we used above ground detection devices called AGM's, so our team was aware of the location of the See Snake tool at all times. This client was very cooperative and made the process of working with them straightforward and effortless.
  • What Technology Did PICA Utilize?: Our team used the 12" See Snake tool to complete this project and provided a report to the client using Adept Pro Software.

Project #3: 

Sewer Lines in the City of Edmonton

  • Date of Project: August, 2015
  • Scope of the Project: PICA inspected 5 steel sewage lines in the City of Edmonton. 4 lines were 8" in diameter and 1 was 10" in diameter. All 5 lines were approximately 350 meters long. These pipelines required a significant amount of cleaning, and an acid wash to remove hard deposits had to be done prior to the inspection. When we completed the project, the client was pleased with our results and made informed decisions on how to move forward with repairs to the pipeline.
  • What Technology Did PICA Utilize?: PICA used 8" and 10" tethered See Snakes to inspect these lines. Tethered Tools are excellent to use on short runs with a single access point for the tool.

If you are a company or municipality that manages sewage lines in your community, PICA Corp. can conduct inspections and provide solid, dependable advice as to what repairs should be done. Call us at 1 (800) 661-0127 or contact us by e-mail if you are responsible for the safety of sewage pipelines.




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