Inspection Technology

Preventing the Costs of Pipeline Failures

Do you know the cost of pipeline failures?

At PICA Corp, we often deal with clients that are facing the aftermath of a pipeline rupture or failure. In the absence of preventative maintenance and examination, such faults are not uncommon, particularly in lines transporting raw sewage, wastewater, and other harsh liquids. Beyond being costly to repair, ruptures and leaks can have disastrous results for the surrounding ecosystem, as well as put the public at risk.


Water Main Inspection Solutions

As we discussed in a previous piece on waste water line inspections, regular evaluation of your pipelines is an integral part of protecting the longevity of your pipes, as well as guaranteeing the safety of areas serviced by each vessel. An estimated 240,000 water main breaks occur each year (as per a 2007 report published by the Environmental Protection Agency), with older pipes being an incrementally higher risk for damage as time goes on.



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