Inspection Technology

How to Create a Sustainable Water Pipeline Infrastructure

Did you know that water pipelines are designed to be operational for 100 years? PICA is aware that a lot of pipelines are being replaced well before their design life has been reached. We believe in building a sustainable pipeline infrastructure through careful design, planning, building, provision of information to the public, and inspection of water distribution systems.


Brown and Caldwell's Asset Management Guidelines

Brown & Caldwell (BC) have long been leaders in the water and waste water utilities business.  They are early adopters of PICA's in-line inspection and external inspection technologies for pipelines (aka "Mains"). 


What Causes a Water Main Break?

Water main breaks can be disruptive and costly to organizations and municipalities. They can also be preventable through the awareness of their causes: winter temperatures can freeze water in or around the pipes, external and internal corrosion can cause metal deterioration of ductile iron, cast iron or steel, soil conditions, and even careless ground excavation can result in a water main rupture.



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