Inspection Technology

What Causes a Water Main Break?

Water main breaks can be disruptive and costly to organizations and municipalities. They can also be preventable through the awareness of their causes: winter temperatures can freeze water in or around the pipes, external and internal corrosion can cause metal deterioration of ductile iron, cast iron or steel, soil conditions, and even careless ground excavation can result in a water main rupture.


How the Quality of Pipelines Affects the Quality of Water

Everyday we turn on our taps and expect clean drinking water to flow. People don't usually spend a lot of time thinking about the quality of their water, they automatically assume it's safe to consume. Likewise, many people don't consider how the cleanliness and integrity of water pipelines can impact their health. Here are some contaminants you might find in drinking water if water mains and pipes aren't well-maintained and inspected.


Major Threats to Pipeline Integrity

Pipelines face wear and tear from a variety of sources: corrosion, chemicals, pressure, manufacturing errors, they can even be damaged while they are being transported to construction sites. These threats weaken pipelines and significantly shorten their lifespan. It's important that organizations take preventative actions to ensure their pipelines remain viable and safe. PICA Corp. wants you to learn more about three major threats that your pipelines endure.


Pipeline Failure Prevention

While our technology and methods for detecting failure in pipelines have never been better, preventing pipeline failure before it occurs is always preferable, both in terms of environmental stewardship and human safety, as well as being an effective cost management strategy.


Pipeline failure is not an option

The 2" diameter corrosion pit pictured had started to slowly weep when it was detected by the PICA 14" See Snake Tool as it swam through the 4000' recycled water main in southern California.



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