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Keep your CCP Pipes Safe with PICA Corp

How to inspect CCP and PCCP Pipes properly

Need to take a closer look at both your CCP and PCCP pipelines? With both types of pipes transporting key resources like drinking and raw water, ensuring the safety and integrity of these pipelines is of paramount importance. As an industry leader for over 30 years, PICA Corp makes it easy to stay on top of assessments and develop necessary remediation plans, all thanks to the highly accurate results provided by our inspection technologies.

How 6K cameras are revolutionizing CCTV inspections

Spring is well underway, and as we approach the summer months, it’s time to ask your quality and safety teams the million-dollar question: are your water mains fit for service or will they fail and make emergency excavation and repair necessary? If you’ve fallen behind on inspections or haven’t had an inspection program started yet, it’s time to step up your asset management game and take a closer look at what’s going on under the pavement. PICA Corp knows the importance of inspecting water mains (and wastewater mains), and the risks associated with failing to stay on top of inspection and maintenance. For the last three decades, we’ve helped our customers stay safe and efficient using highly refined NDT technology, like CCTV, Laser or LiDAR inspections. Learn more:

Canada’s Leading Source for Pipeline Inspection

Would your pipelines pass an inspection if one were to be performed today? Whether you’ve noticed some reoccurring issues with your mains or you are just keen to stay on top of your routine maintenance plan, regular inspection of water pipelines is the key to ensuring their overall serviceability and reliability. For almost three decades, PICA Corp has proudly helped customers across North America conduct analysis of their water mains using groundbreaking techniques and technology. With access to industry-leading equipment manufactured by our sister company, Russell NDE Systems and partnerships with game-changers like INGU and Dacon, you can count on PICA Corp to have you covered for pipeline inspection. Learn more about our In-Line Inspection (ILI) Tools including the SeeSnake family of tool models: HydraSnake, RAFT, EMIT, and Chimera below!

PICA announces partnership with Construction Products Marketing (CPM)

CPM to be part of PICA's growth in the USA.

PICA and CPM have reached agreement on delivery of PICA services in the south west and west coast of the USA.

CPM will work with PICA to deliver a range of PICA Tools and Services in the U.S. market place.  Special services will focus on deployment of PICA’s leak detection sphere (Recon+) and PICA’s wall-thickness scanning array (Bracelet Probe).  For further information or to book a project, contact either of the two companies, or PICA area managers:

  • Kris Embry,, or Cell: (412)-999-4783.  Kris looks after the SE, East coast and west coast states
  • Joe Wells,, or Cell: 724 757-7434, Joe looks after the mid-west states




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