Inspection Technology

PICA announces partnership with Construction Products Marketing (CPM)

CPM to be part of PICA's growth in the USA.

PICA and CPM have reached agreement on delivery of PICA services in the south west and west coast of the USA.

CPM will work with PICA to deliver a range of PICA Tools and Services in the U.S. market place.  Special services will focus on deployment of PICA’s leak detection sphere (Recon+) and PICA’s wall-thickness scanning array (Bracelet Probe).  For further information or to book a project, contact either of the two companies, or PICA area managers:

  • Kris Embry,, or Cell: (412)-999-4783.  Kris looks after the SE, East coast and west coast states
  • Joe Wells,, or Cell: 724 757-7434, Joe looks after the mid-west states



MJ joins the PICA Team to deliver PICA services in the south east

Mechanical Jobbers of Lithonia, GA has agreed to join PICA to deliver PICA services in the South East

Established in 1976, Mechanical Jobbers Marketing, Inc. is a multi-state licensed MBE general contractor that focuses on municipal and industrial customers. Since then, working with staff with educational backgrounds at Georgia Tech, Auburn University and the University of Pittsburgh, MJ have been a reliable partner helping our customers to grow and build their businesses. With our dependable services, our customers have the peace of mind knowing they can focus on other problems.  Mechanical Jobbers Marketing specializes in infrastructure rehabilitation, industrial maintenance, and coating services. We strive to offer our customers unique and specific solutions to their problems that solves chronic issues and lower costs.  With a close working relationship with a variety of material manufacturers, we are in a unique position to help our customers where others have failed.


PICA finds a corroded through elbow for a Windsor Casino

PICA's Recon+ leak detection device detected and accurately located a leak in a heating loop between buildings at a Windsor, Ontario, Casino in December 2020.  A failed coating had allowed ground water to corrode through a 12" elbow.



Prevent Disaster With CCTV Pipeline Inspection

The consequences of Large Diameter Pipe failure

Do you know the major risks and consequences of a large diameter pipe failure?

Each day, thousands upon thousands of gallons of water are transported across counties and municipalities via large diameter pipes worldwide. As one of our most important resources, these water networks play a vital role in ensuring millions of people have access to fresh water, as well as a safe and dependable way to transport raw and wastewater materials. When working properly, large diameter pipes perform this function flawlessly, standing up to the demands of constant transport, and staying tough for years. However, should a large diameter pipe become compromised by corrosion or other forms of degradation there is a significant risk at play, especially if this damage is left undetected long enough for a full or partial failure to occur. Water main breaks can cause millions of dollars worth of damage to the surrounding area in record time, and result in serious hardships for the local community such as traffic shutdowns, property damage, and more.

Keep Your Pipeline Inspection In line with INGU Solutions at PICA!

Are you on the hunt for convenient inline pipe inspection tools that make it easy to take stock of the conditions of your lines with minimal disruption to your operations? PICA corp. is proud to partner with INGU to offer the perfect solution for your leak detection needs. Designed to pack big capabilities into a small size, Ingu’s line of Recon+ ("Pipers") technology makes it easier than ever to inspect your lines with confidence. Learn more about inline inspection with PICA below!



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